Below is the link for The Use of Patient Simulations to Teach and Assess Clinical Competencies in Colleges of Podiatric Medicine: A Survey of US Podiatric Medical Schools in: Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association Volume 112 Issue 2 (2022).


March 2021

The NBPME has unanimously voted that the CSPE represents a unique, valid, reliable examination that tests skills not being tested in the Parts I, II, and III written examinations.  The decision was also made to start an investigation into alternatives to the suspended version of the clinical skills patient encounter examination. It was acknowledged that the first version of CSPE examination was unpopular among the student population mainly because of the expense to candidates.

During the development, pilot process and then with the actual administration of the first version of the examination, the board became convinced of the appropriateness of testing these unique skills that are crucial to safe, effective, independent practice. That perspective is also shared by other licensing boards, including NBME and NBOME. To date, no groups have abandoned this examination. Boards have either continued to test or said they are suspending the current version of their examinations while pursuing alternate designs.

The CSPE examination is currently suspended. Investigation and evaluation of alternatives has only begun. Although it may be possible, it is unlikely that a new design would be developed, piloted and ready for administration for the Class of 2022.

NBPME is committed to the clinical skills program, and to providing routine updates to the stakeholders of our profession, including the AACPM, APMA, APMSA, CPME and FPMB, as we work alongside NBOME to further our mission and to create an examination that is valid, reliable and cost-effective.



At a meeting Tuesday, February 9, 2021, the board decided that the many complications created by the global pandemic have made it impossible to continue the Clinical Skills Patient Encounter examination currently underway.

All candidates who have tested or scheduled will be reimbursed for the test fee and appropriate travel expenses. All affected students will be contacted after details have been completed.

Dr. Alyssa Stephenson, board president, stated that the NBPME intends to work with stakeholders including state licensing boards to determine the best path forward to continue to meet the goal of protecting the public health by examining all skills that are essential for safe independent practice.



Part II CSPE Exam information is now available. Learn more by clicking here.


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