Changes for the May Part II, June Part III and July Part I

The NBPME met on April 19, 2020 to consider adjustments proposed by Prometric to maximize the possibility that all candidates can be tested in June and July, given the likely restrictions on allowed capacity at testing centers. The board is sensitive to the fact that prompt results reporting affects candidates’ plans and schedules, but that must be balanced against test security considerations and limitations imposed by others. Therefore: if movement restrictions or social distancing requirements are expected to apply on these future test dates:

NBPME has approved testing for the May Part II examination over a period of three days. The board approved a motion to allow Part III testing over a period of three days in early June as well. If Prometric finds that the two additional days are not sufficient to accommodate all candidates, the board will revisit the issue as far in advance of the test date as possible. Candidates that have registered for the May Part II or June Part III exam and that will be impacted by the social distancing measures put in place by Prometric or specific State, CDC and WHO guidelines, will receive an e-mail regarding their schedule and site from Prometric during the week of April 20th.

The board also approved allowing the Part I test to be administered over a period as long as 14 days beginning July 1. The board recognizes that scoring cannot be completed until all candidates have tested.

Part II CSPE information is available by clicking here.


What is APMLE?

The American Podiatric Medical Licensing Examinations (APMLE) are qualifying tests currently recognized or utilized by legal agencies governing the practice of podiatric medicine in the states, provinces, and federal agencies listed in the Candidate Bulletin.

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