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Exam Fee Adjustment to Apply in 2017

The Board approved a change to the fee structure to take effect with the July 2017 Part I examination. Test fees for all written exams (not including Part II CSPE) will increase $25. The board took this action as part of considering the annual budget in recognition of the substantial costs incurred by the CSPE initiative. Board members agreed that increasing written fees by a relatively small amount was preferable to attempting to cover costs by CSPE charges alone.

The 2017 Part II exam fees and the June 2017 Part III exam fee will remain at $900. The Part II fee will increase $25 beginning with the January 2018 exam. The Part III fee will increase $25 beginning with the December 2017 exam.

What is APMLE?

The American Podiatric Medical Licensing Examinations (APMLE) are qualifying tests currently recognized or utilized by legal agencies governing the practice of podiatric medicine in the states, provinces, and federal agencies listed in the Candidate Bulletin.

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