CSPE Announcement

The NBPME has decided that the interests of all parties concerned are best served by suspending administration of the Clinical Skills Patient Encounter (CSPE) examination until August 2016 for students scheduled to graduate in 2017. It will not be a component of Part II for candidates in the Class of 2016.

The CSPE was initiated in August 2014 after a multi-year design and pilot testing effort. Unfortunately, the board could not reach an agreement with the testing vendor that would provide acceptable terms regarding cost and candidate service for future administrations. The NBPME received a proposal for continuing services in late January, and negotiations for suitable terms were unsuccessful. The board authorized seeking an alternate vendor, and approved a proposal from the National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners, NBOME, at its March 21 meeting. Because of the complexity of the test program, it is not feasible to administer CSPE for the next cohort of Part II candidates in a reasonable timeframe.

The NBOME has a record of successful patient encounter testing that was begun in 2004 after many years of careful planning. Jon Haber, President of NBPME, said, “We are impressed by the capabilities and interest of NBOME to provide this service, and were pleased by the cost and commitment to excellent candidate service they described in their proposal.” The NBOME has an impressive testing center in Philadelphia, and is planning and constructing a second center in Chicago that will be available to the NBPME candidates. The test will be resumed in August 2016.

What is APMLE?

The American Podiatric Medical Licensing Examinations (APMLE) are qualifying tests currently recognized or utilized by legal agencies governing the practice of podiatric medicine in the states, provinces, and federal agencies listed in the Candidate Bulletin.

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