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Part II CSPE Exam information is now available. Learn more by clicking here.

Exam Cost

Part I, Part II written and Part III Examinations

The Board approved a change to the exam fee structure to take effect with the July 2017 Part I examination. Test fees for all written exams (not including Part II CSPE) will increase $25.

The 2017 Part II exam fees and the June 2017 Part III exam fee will remain at $900. The Part II fee will increase $25 beginning with the January 2018 exam. The Part III fee will increase $25 beginning with the December 2017 exam.

The fee for the Part I exam is $925.

Payment may be made by certified check, cashier’s check or money order made payable to the NBPME or by MasterCard or Visa. Personal checks and cash are not accepted.

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